These are some links from my other site that I felt were worth moving. Some are pretty interesting and/or useful, while others are just easy references that I will appreciate, but you may not. Most of the really interesting links are off the main page.

More exciting on-location TeamSpatula pictures on the

TeamSpatula Travel Page

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My pages for old German Microbusses

Air Cooled Search and Rescue Team

Artsy Photography page

Fiber & Glass Functional Artwork & Custom Work

My Jeepster Commando Page

My Pal Rob's Page

More, Even older Links, like way old

  • Bus Trek Page-tales of my great cross country adventure
  • Grateful Dead Links page
  • My Passive Solar Page - resources from my college days...
  • April's Community Gardening Page
  • My pal Brant's page
  • Poor Richard's page
  • Edmund Hintz's page of busses, the Grateful Dead, and other cool stuff that I dig
  • Virtual Flowers - A lovely free gift for someone!
  • Sewing Project Portfolio

  • Pictures of Friends & Family

  • TeamSpatula forums - go to the main page, and add "/forums" to the end of the address. No direct link to keep out spammers.

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    Some short things I've written:
  • A Love Story???
  • Inner struggles
  • A rambling train of thought
  • descending darkness of one alone
  • Pardon me, but your insecurity is showing