In the Name of Love

"Love," sang the woman on the radio, "is the answer," and she had to agree. After all, didn't John Lennon say "Love is all you need"? She began to count- ten, twenty- there had to be at least fifty or a hundred songs about love. And why not? Isn't that what everyone is really looking for? She began to think about her own love life, as of late, and the object of her affections. He had come from nowhere, like a great bird of prey, and swept her off her feet with his attention. She hadn't known what to think at first, but soon succumbed to his charismatic ways. Things had been wonderful at first; they had even lived together for a while.
But, as with any new thing, time had slowly worn away at the shiny gloss on the relationship to reveal the not-so-shiny beast itself. Oh, they still saw each other all the time, and seemed to never physically part, but she knew he was not always com pletely there. She could sense the slow cooling of the fires of passion, and this only served to fuel her desire for him even more.
She shifted in her seat, and the slow drizzle outside began to depress her even more. No, things hadn't been all too sunny between them lately. He had even begun talking to other girls; she knew it. Why, he probably wasn't just talking, either. The drumming of her angry fingers on the side of the armrest matched the sound of the ever increasing rainfall. Thunder roared across the sky, and across her mind as well. She knew what he was doing. No, there was no real evidence, but a woman can just sense these things. Their argument last night had sealed things for her. His verbal daggers had slashed what was left of her ragged heart, and she knew it was all over.
A flash of lightning jolted her back to reality, and she looked out the windshield and saw his bus through the rain; its grotesquely happy colors nauseating her. He paid more attention to that stupid van than he did to her. As much time as he spent with it, it just seemed fitting that it should all happen this way
He, meanwhile, was waking up feeling refreshed. He had had a fitful sleep at first, but the rain had soothed his troubled mind. The rain and his burning tears had washed away his anger, and through the course of the night he had made a decision to make things right. He knew he had been hateful, and taken advantage of her love, but that would all change. A smile lit his face as he brushed his teeth, and got ready for work. Yes indeed, he smiled to himself, surely the sun would come out. Determined to make things right, he was even leaving early, so he could pick up some flowers to take her on his lunch break. He knew she would love that; it was the kind of thing she had always wanted, although he would have never done it in the past. But that was the past, and soon everything would be different.
He hummed to himself as he grabbed his coat and headed for the door. Ducking to run through the rain, he didn't even notice any other cars on the way to his. Yes, the sun would come out, and the stormy times would be all over soon.
It will be all over soon, she thought as she watched him run to the van. Sorry bastard, he deserved everything he was about to get.
She deserves everything I can get her, he thought as he closed the door behind him. Boy, what a lot of catching up he had to do.
A touch of remorse hit her, and her heart almost dragged her out, to warn him, but her will would not let her. It had to be this way, she reminded herself. She began to cry, as she waited for what was about to happen.
What a blast, he grinned as he put the key in the ignition. He would really blow her mind. His life was definitely going to change. With a smile in his heart, he turned the key.
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