To a Nice Girl

  Hi, nice girl. I'm kinda surprised you even smiled at me. I kinda thought you
were out of my league, and that you probably wouldn't want anything to do with
me. Granted you seem to be really sweet, but also sort of shy and quiet as
well. And definitely well-dressed, and very proper.  That and the fact that you
are incredibly beautiful. A classic, timeless beauty, like I can tell that in
30 years you will still be gorgeous. I would tell you  but I don't know how you 
would take it, or what you would even think about me giving you a compliment 
in the first place.
   But you did smile at me, and even talk to me, and seemed friendly,
in your quiet way. What did you think when I asked you out? Why did you say
yes? Just to be friendly, polite, accept once and deal with it, 
but then hopefully avoid further personal contact? If that's it, I wish you
would have just said no in the first place. Nip it in the bud, and then at
least I'd know. Know not to wonder about what now, or if I should call you or
what you think about me, or if you ever want to hear from me again.
 And then why do I want you to? I mean, sure you're beautiful, smart, quiet,
nice, sensible and solid, but I don't really even know you, and it seems like
our lifestyle differences are somewhat large. But then that just questions
where I am versus where I might want to be, and where I was raised to think I
should be and maybe subconsciously really all I do want is to settle down in a
nice house, with a great wife and raise our kids, and have a wonderful happy
family. I really think there's a lot to that, and maybe I'm just reading all
that into you, thinking that's the kind of person you might be. Maybe I just
want you to be like that, so you can help me be that way also.
  Despite my "I'm not normal" image that I work so hard on, I really am a
pretty nice, even dare I say the words, old-fashioned, kind of person. I have a
good solid job, savings, and cars. I had a pretty darn good childhood growing
up in an almost stereotypical happy household, mom, dad, sis, dinner together,
family vacations, just about picture perfect. With all the horror stories of
divorce and abuse and adultery, I sure would like to think that one day I might
have it half as good as my folks.
  Maybe that's what I see in you. What do you see in me? Anything? do you want
to see anything? Are you even looking?
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