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ALWAYS carry a fire extinguisher, and ALWAYS check your fuel lines. If they're old and crusty, REPLACE THEM. Don't risk your bus, or your life.

2000 Christmas tree expedition

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    Pictures of the most beautiful vehicles in the world

    Many of these are busses that I either own, or once owned

    Click on thumbnail to view larger picture

    My low-rider truck, with 1 ton of mulch for the custom suspension March, '03

    Vanagon & Eurovan single cabs, with hoops in front of the Wolfsburg VW factory -Germany, 1998

    Everyone's house should look like this! that's not even all - fall 1999

    2000 Christmas tree expedition

    camping in the new '99 Eurovan camper

    rear corner view of my 62 crewcab after custom painting

    Another view of the crew cab

    Yet Another view of the crew cab

    '73 VW Squareback Dec. 1999

    kitty(in carrier) came along to get the Christmas tree

    '68 crew cab 1998

    Getting ready to tow a '67 crew cab back from St. Louis. 1998

    Set up at Busses on the Parkway in '97

    Busses on the parkway '98

    Brownie, the rainbow '67 in front of Nellie, the Wild Goose- my "new" 67 bus

    Nellie, all decked out with the t-shirts I printed for our Bus Trek across the country

    Rear Close up of Nellie with all her stickers and "MOOOVIN" license tag

    Front view of Brownie, my old 67 standard, with camper interior, with Santa riding shotgun. Handpainted by me!

    Getting my '68 crewcab from Uncle Joel, Sean's '71 Crewcab, on our rescue Mission in Tuscaloosa

    Uncle Joel, Gus, and me in Tuscaloosa

    Darling, my first bus, a '78 automatic sunroof bus, that I put a Westy interior and poptop on.

    Lemonhead, mine for a while, now back home in Florida

    My new '62 crewcab! -1999

    My new '62 crewcab!

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