Air Cooled Search and Rescue Team

Welcome to the Air Cooled Search & Rescue Team site. This idea was started back in 1996 to describe the dedicated efforts of many of us to seek out, find, and drag home old Air-Cooled Volkswagens, and bring them back to life. Tshirts are available, and new stickers are here!!! Got a picture of you rescuing a VW in your ACS&R shirt? Send it in and get featured here on the site!


The red and black Air Cooled Search & Rescue Team logo is printed on 4.25 inch square chrome mylar stickers, for a great looking decal for your VW, tow vehicle, tool box, or anything else you want to decorate. Stickers are $2.00 each, or 3 for $5.00. Discounts are available for larger quantities. I can take paypal or check or money order. Shipping is $1.00, and covers up to 10 or so stickers. Email for more details...

Introducing the Water Cooled Search & Rescue Team

New in 2015 - after owning, driving, and rescuing several of these Wasser-Wagens, it was time to bring out this new design.

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Air Cooled Search & Rescue Team shirts

New Water Cooled Search & Rescue Team shirts now available

Here are some pics from past rescues-

Rescuing a 1975 Westfalia Camper, with my 1972 Jeep

1997 mission to get a 1968 Crew Cab from Tuscaloosa Alabama

Towing a 1967 Crew Cab back from St. Louis in 1999

Thom's ACS&R panel van

Visit his site,

Rescuing a vanagon from Alabama December 2003

ok, not Air-Cooled, but still a cool old VW camper

For history's sake, here's the original ACS&R post from the type2 list back on September 20, 1996. Bob and I began discussing the idea in August of 96 - he proposed a transporter Search and Rescue idea. I modified it to include all ACVWs, designed the logo, and the rest is history! here's the post:

(I'm sending this to the Vanagon list also, since a lot of you have roots in the old air-cooled VW's) Farmer Jones looked sadly at his old truck. It had served him well these last 12 years, since he bought it new in '62. He had used it all over the farm, hauling various supplies around, and with the back seat, he could take the family into town when he went. Yep, he sure had enjoyed that truck, even though some folks said it was funny-looking. He washed it faithfully, and kept it tuned up. But, time was beginning to tell on it. It hadn't been running right lately, and he needed something heavier to tow his trailers. So, with sadness, he parked it in the barn, until he could fix it one day. Jenny loved her Beetle, even though that split in the rear window sometimes interfered with her view. It had served her well through college and medical school, but lately it hadn't been running smoothly. Besides, she was working at the hospital now, and she was parking next to all the Mercedes's and BMW's. But, she knew she could never get rid of it, so she parked it at her parent's house, until she could restore it. This one's true- My girlfriend drove my '67 to her dentist appointment, and the dentist made a remark about it. When she went back for a followup visit, she was wearing my stylish Vanagon@Lenti t-shirt, and they had a conversation about all the old VW's he had out at his farm. We weaseled a visit, and went out there last Saturday. In addition to all the dead and dying Fords, and Dodges, there was a nice '70 Westfalia, as well as 3 60's Bugs and a Super Beetle. All had been well maintained, until his kids decided they wanted to "move up" in the world. Heck, even the oil was clean! All these are opportunities for the Air Cooled Search and Rescue Team. Some of you are already members, without knowing it. It's the concept of fellow Listmember Bob Hufford, a rescuer himself. We've all driven down a back road at some time, and seen the familiar friendly shape of a splitty or Bug, and wished we could give it a good home. Many of us even do try to give it a good home, or at least pass it along to someone else who will love it and treat it right. They aren't making any more of them, and it's such a shame to see the ones still around falling to pieces. We must do what we can to save them all. Bring them into your driveways! Never mind what the wife/husband/kids will say. Never mind the neighbors- they probably already think you're crazy! As I love to write these lovely episodes for you, I shall probably post ACS&R Team reports as things happen with the Dentist Stash. I'm also rescuing a '68 crewcab from another of our infamous listmembers, who has been lured to the Wet Side. So let's keep those rescues happening! Long live the Air Cooled flat 4! (I must also confess that I'm making up t-shirts for the Air Cooled Search and Rescue Team, so I'd love to sell you one! (or two) They'll be truly spiffy, in my fine (I hope) tradition. Bob Hufford will be selling them as well, as I've suckered him into buying up a good number, so that it would even be possible in the first place. I must also give him credit, for putting into words the concept and spirit of which we're all a part.) Anyway, stay tuned for the upcoming adventures of the ACS&R Team! Happy Friday

Mark I Search & Rescue Team

Same idea, just saving newer VWs. These shirts are printed by a local company in my old home town that specializes in water-cooled VW stuff.

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