TeamSpatula Pride!!!

Spatula ho! Welcome to the global representin' picture page! These are pictures submitted by team Spatula members wearing their TS.C shirts in exciting places...we welcome all submissions, and are looking forward to some from Alaska & Singapore soon...

TS.C at the Grand Canyon, 2006

Double Team Spatula sighting in the wilds of Alaska

TS.C in Paris!!!

TS.C in New York City!!!

TS.C in the Swiss Alps!!!

Double Spatula sighting with a battleship

TS.C looking out over Anchorage, Alaska

TS.C celebrates a birthday with super-cake

TS.C shows how to deal with difficult computers.

TS.C in Hawaii in the coolest tree in the world

TS.C ridin' the rails in a private caboose

TS.C represents at the Montauk Point Lighthouse

TS.C in Hawaii


TS.C in Cancun

TS.C in the Bahamas

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