TeamSpatula Sewing

Welcome. This page is to show off some of the sewing projects I've made over the last few years. Click on any thumbnail image to view the full size picture. Please be patient, as images are rather large to capture the details, so they take a bit to load.

Pillow for Becky, January 2004

Quilt I made for Pearl in November, 2000

Overalls I did for Nicole, October 1999

Me and my dad with a wall hanging I made for my parents' Christmas present in 2000

patchwork I made for a dress for my friend CC. Fall 1999

Tablecloth I made for my mom in fall 1998

Nicole, wearing a dress I made, and Scott, holding a quilt I made, in October of 1999

April wearing a corduroy patchwork dress I made in fall of 1998

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