What Others had to Say

got a postcard from the Wayward Wagens of Richard Palmer and crew:
geez ... who writes this crap?? :)
and now, words from the Pilgrim(s): "Hi Uncle Joel, we wuz in Arkansas & thought you'd like this card as it is a pretty good representation of us. Anyway, many thanks for the food & hospitality. We are headed on to New Mexico, after crystal digging in Hot Springs. Thanks again for everything, & I'll hopefully have e-mail again later. Now we're off to the UFO museum ... " the * is a drawing of a flower. :)
UFO museum?? hell, they ARE the UFO. :)
ok, that was the postcard. also got this strange looking letter in the same batch of mail at the postbox. guess what? it's from the same happy crew ... cept they ain't so happy no more. :(
more words from the Pilgrimites: "Dear Uncle Joel (I hope you don't mind being called that). Just thought we'd send you a road update. It seems once again we have an engine in pieces in the driveway of a friendly fellow busser. He's in NEATO, but not on the list. Anyway, it seems my engine spun the #3 bearing & was about to throw a rod outside Albuquerque. This being my 5K mile engine that was supposedly a new case and all. I must say that some sketchy work was done on it. Not only was the case not new, it was .040 over, meaning it was already bored out TWICE! Anyway, the problem was that when the person sealed the case halves, the sealant slopped into the oil galleys, so they were completely blocked. Therefore, it was running really hot, & the NM desert didn't help.
So we got towed in last night, and this morning got hooked up with another super fellow who helped us tear it down in his driveway & drove us to a machine shop, where tomorrow we will lay down $300 for a completely new crankshaft and all the rest of the stuff. Just can't trust anyubody these days. Like I said, this is not the first sketchy stuff on the engine.
On to more positive stuff. We had a nice time in Hot Springs, Ark. We dug up some spiffy crystals (quartz) and met some good folks there. From there we headed west, through Texas & Oklahoma. We also went to Roswell, NM, to the UFO museum, which was rather interesting. We're now in the KOA in Albuquerque, and tomorrow we're brunching with Tom Brouillette of NEATO (Roamin Holiday)/list fame.
With luck, we'll be back on the road tomorrow. As bad of a thing as this engine business is, it couldn't have happened at a better place. The fellow helping us drives a '63 double-door panel & is restoring a '51 barndoor.
Oh, well, off to bed, as it is quite a day ahead tomorrow. Feel free to post an update to the list, if you think people are interested. If you need to get in touch with me, I talk to my parents frequently. You can reach them at wpalmer@catawba.edu.
Thanks again for all your hospitality & all, Richard, CC, :) Neil, o Jennifer, Nicole, ? & Danielle *"
Thus were the words of the Pilgrims recorded, and thus spake the Oracle. :) .... and the Road goes ever onward ... uncle Bubba. :)